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what's my size?


FIRST TECHNIQUE: You will need help from a second person. Wrap a thread or thin ribbon around your wrist  just below your wrist bone.  Tie a knot to have it fit exactly the way you would like to have your bracelet fit. get a feel for few minutes to make sure that it fits perfectly. Cut the thread or ribbon and measure it from end-to-end with a ruler. This will give you the exact length of your bracelet including clasp. 

SECOND TECHNIQUE: simply measure a bracelet that fits you comfortably and is similar in style to the one you want to order. Remember, a chunky bracelet will fit you differently than a delicate one, and will need to be a bit longer to accommodate the width of the materials. Don't forget to measure the bracelet end-to-end, including the clasp.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is better to have your bracelet too big rather than too small. Here is a tip on how to easily shorten your threat bracelet. Tie a knot or two in the threads, this will shorten the length of your bracelet without affecting the design too much.