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About us - the story




"My style reflects classic designs with a twist of contemporary elements. My products are very timeless in shape, yet the finishes and colours I choose are fashionable. My accessories and jewellery are classic pieces with a deeper meaning to design than just shape, textures, colours and materials. They also symbolise the true meaning of luxury: exquisite well-crafted lifestyle products in limited editions with a strong conceptual idea. Every piece has a story to tell and a meaning behind it. Prosperity, love, protection, just to name a few.   

With my brand I endeavour constant changes for the better. My brand is not about dumping more stuff in the universe. It’s about making a difference, or at least trying to. Designing beautiful products is only one aspect of the brand. The brand’s core values are based on integrity towards others and the environment. With projects like FOR CARO charity bracelet, I am reshaping the values of my brand by giving back to the community for those in need. Having worked for ruthless employers without integrity has also taught me the importance of corporate responsibility. Which I perpetually implement in my business model." 

Djaafar El Ghazi




making-of.jpegTHE STORY  

Djaafar El Ghazi founded the brand DJAAFAR owned by DJAAFAR Pty Ltd in 2007.  Born in Algeria from a German mother and Algerian father, he lived in both countries till the age of 21, when he immigrated to Australia. 

After finishing his Masters degree in Architecture in 1997 in Berlin and working for two years as an architect,    Djaafar ventured into various business sectors including marketing, sales, design and the travel industry. 

For the past decade, Djaafar has combined his life in Sydney with his life in Berlin. His mixed background, his multilingual skills and his extensive travel to over fifty countries have enabled him to develop a better understanding and heightened perception of the complexity and meaning of design in different cultures. Through the diversity of his background and extensive ventures, DJAAFAR molds complexity into simple, eloquent and functional designs to fit the needs of our contemporary lifestyle. 

Djaafar worked closely with globally established brands such as Missoni, Kartell, Cassina and B&B Italia, and gained a wide range of experience in the design industry. This is when he decided to establish his own label in 2007. 



The name DJAAFAR is of Arabic origin and symbolises prosperity, growth and fertility in a wider sense without any religious connotation. However in close association with nature. DJAAFAR has two definitions in arabic with interpretations leading to a similar meaning. One meaning is "river” and the second one is “milk of the dromedary”.  Both being the essence of life and growth in arid deserts. DJAAFAR brings prosperity and fertility to what has been barren. It is a catalyst to awaken seeds and have them grow into trees.

The logo of the brand is based on the name DJAAFAR written in Arabic calligraphy.  The name is represented four times in rotation, melding the four corners of the world to blend into one single element. This is sealed with a circle representing the world to emphasise the global aspect of the brand.